Non-Lethal Weapons Training

Non-Lethal Weapons Training



Non-Lethal Weapons Training The Non-Lethal Weapons Training is a comprehensive program that presents unarmed & armed security officers with the tactics, techniques and procedures necessary to recognize, reduce and manage violent and aggressive behavior though alternative and non-lethal control methods. The Non-Lethal Weapons Training program includes the Management of Aggressive Behavior-for public safety officers, Oleoresin Capsicum Spray- OC (Pepper Spray), Collapsible Baton and Handcuffing Techniques.


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Non-Lethal Weapons Training Class Outline

MOAB® (Management of Aggressive Behavior) Course Introduction and Mental Conditioning
MOAB® – Strategies for Preventing and Diffusing Aggressive Behavior & Behavior and Intervention Management
MOAB® – Planning, Identifying and Action Exercises
Methods of Communication – Non Verbal Communications, Personal Space Factors, Reactionary Distance, Gestures, Postures and Facial Expression
MOAB® – Stages of Conflict and Management – Conflict, Anxiety Phase, Verbal Aggression Phase, Physical Aggression Phase
OC SPRAY – Definition and History of Oleoresin Capsicum, Deployment of OC against violent subjects, Delivery Systems of OC Sprays, Use and Employment of OC, Tactical Priorities
OC SPRAY – After Effects and De-Contamination Guidelines, Securing of Arrestee, Personal Decontamination, Area and Vehicle Decontamination, Important Medical Considerations when using OC, Basic Examination
BATON – Training Terminology, Principles of Human Movement, Pyramid Concept, Interview Stance, Combat Stance
BATON – Opening the Baton, Closing the Baton Practical Exercise
BATON – Technical Characteristics of the Tactical Restraint System, Body Mechanics
BATON – Training Format Practical Exercise
HANDCUFF – Control Theory
HANDCUFF – Technical Characteristics of the Tactical Restraint System
HANDCUFF – Body Mechanics – Pyramid, Wide Base, Deep Base, Low Center, Head Over Center
HANDCUFF – Restraint Training Terminology
HANDCUFF – Practical Exercise – Warm Up and Cool Down, Progressive Training, Practice Sequences, Verbalization, Reaction Safe Distance, Safe Separation, Stabilization, Restraint

Entrance Admission Requirements

  • Students must be 18 years of age
  • Security D License

Program Objective

  • The objective of the Non-Lethal Weapons Training Course is to certify security officers with non-lethal options.

Course Length

  • 16 Classroom Hours

Course Costs

  • Palm Beach $200

  • Fort Lauderdale $200

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