Can Online Security Training Really Work?

Can Online Security Training Really Work?

As I’m sure you’ve realized, it’s a new year. We’re almost a full two decades into the twenty-first century. And the greatest innovator of the new age, the Internet, shows no signs of slowing its industrialization of every industry left alive. The bottom line has become – adapt to the Internet, or get left behind. How does this affect security training and the industry behind all our licensed security professionals? Is it time for online security training to present itself?

Well, so far, in the state of Florida, it has yet to make a huge dent in the industry. As of January 2018, the dent isn’t even visible – there are security training providers who give access to security training curriculum anywhere you are in the world. This doesn’t yet include access to state or federal security licensing.

How can this divide be bridged? And which online security training providers are playing the game right?

From what we can tell, S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute is king of the online security training game. Along with Critical Intervention Services, they offer international security training options to help better communities, police forces, and more. In the state they’re known for their advanced firearms training and security license training courses, but the world over knows them for cutting edge seminars and safety procedures.

This universal application of security training procedures is a perfect example of the wonder of the Internet. S2 even has an Arabic section of their website. We at the Security Training Group envy the reach and capabilities of S2, and recognize our own strengths in comparison.

The Security Training Group, as many of you are aware, is a supergroup made up of S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute and Invictus Security & Firearms Training. The two companies are pillars of the security training communities across Florida, and decided to blend their strengths into a chain of security schools that provide world class security training.

And we at the Security Training Group are always looking at how we can improve. Is the future of unarmed security training going to be on the Internet? The accessibility and universal reach would be a phenomenal tool to giving crucial security training to licensed professionals, communities, companies, and any who need to understand how to best protect what is most valuable.

We are also realists; there isn’t yet any feasible way to provide online access to our firearms training courses. The mechanical training and hands-on dry fire practice we provide students in our firearms training courses just cannot be matched by any screens, as any veteran of the military or security industry can tell you. We constantly push for more regulations and higher quality firearms training, so we will be the first to suggest that perhaps armed security training wait in line when it comes to online security training options.

We’re curious to hear your thoughts – is online security training the next big thing? How can online security training best be implemented?