Florida’s Three Best Security Training Schools

Florida’s Three Best Security Training Schools

Any company looking to find a security school for their security professionals, in order to have the best trained security officers around, knows that there are a ton of different security schools to choose from. From the northern tips of Tampa through the beaches of Miami, Florida stands to be one of the largest security industries in the country and that brings with it a handful of subpar security academies. This hurts not only individuals looking to earn their license and receive high quality security license training, but the security companies who have trouble finding fine, upstanding security officers. When looking in Florida, from Orlando to the coasts of Palm Beach, there are three security training schools that have never let us down.

These companies, not ranked by any means, are the most consistent security training options for new security professionals or the companies who most need the firm workforce. Florida’s best and brightest are:


S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute – Orange and Pinellas County’s Security Staple

-Just now hitting its twentieth anniversary as a security training school, S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute continues to show itself as a colossus of security training. S2 offers not only the basic state security license training, but a vast array of firearms training, international training options, and even some seminars for businesses. S2 is a great company that shows instead of tells, giving incredible training to people across the world. Based in Tampa, Florida has access to the training that supplies the world.

Invictus Security & Firearms Training – South Florida’s Strongest Security Option

-Serving Palm Beach, Broward, and Fort Lauderdale with the passion its Marine founders bring for over a decade, Invictus is a renowned company deserving of its own list. Invictus offers weekly courses of both D and G licensing, with trailblazing firearms training and a staff of instructors made of exclusively Marine and law enforcement veterans. The security training Invictus brings also comes with job placement and employment assistance, with the biggest south Florida security companies sending recruiters to the academy weekly.

The Security Training Group – Two Teams Triumph

-Listing the Security Training Group may be a low blow, as STG is a company created by Invictus and S2, utilizing their cutting edge curriculum and training techniques, but nonetheless, STG is one of the best for a reason. In utilizing the strengths of both security training academies, the new STG locations are giving students what they previously couldn’t receive in Melbourne or Pembroke Pines, and the community is thriving for it.


Any of these three security schools will bring you a veritable wealth of security professionals, both D or G security license holders, that are products of passionate training. The best security instruction, the best firearms training, and the best preparation for the security industry in Florida remains to be seen at these three security service companies, and we are thrilled to see how they continue to improve our communities.